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    House Rules


These rules supersede all previous house rules. Any questions or interpretation of these rules shall be referred to the chairman of the House Committee.

  1. Use of the clubhouse and the club facilities is primarily for properly enrolled members. Members shall have the privilege of entertaining their guests subject to the rules provided herein. Guest may not visit the Club unless introduced and accompanies by a member.
  2. Any violation or these house rules by a member or guest shall be the cause for disciplinary action. Members are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  3. Members are permitted to invite guest, without restriction, to use the Dining Room and Grille Room. Members (except juniors) are permitted to invite social guest for dinning and bar privileges only (NO GOLF) WITHOUT BEING PRESENT. If the member will not be present, his privilege to invite social guests will be limited to two times per month upon advance notification of the identity and number of guests to the Club.
  4. Private dinners or parties may be held at the Club by any member after making application to and receiving approval from the Club Manager. The Club will hold the member host and or hostess responsible for payment of and indebtedness incurred and for any damage done to the Club premises during such a party.
  5. Vehicles are not permitted to remain at the entrance to the Clubhouse or any part of the circular drive leading to or from the entrance. All vehicles shall be parked at the parking places in the areas.
  6. Caddies are not permitted in the Clubhouse.
  7. NCC is a spike less club, therefore metal spikes are not permitted on the grounds or in the Clubhouse.
  8. Persons in bathing attire will not be permitted in the Clubhouse at any time.
  9. Food and beverages will be served to bathers on the Patio and Porch only providing they are attired with a proper cover-up.
  10. Children are not allowed in locker rooms unless accompanies by a parent or adult member.
  11. No person under sixteen (16) years of age shall be permitted to attend night functions without adult chaperones.
  12. The liquor laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do not permit the serving of alcoholic beverages to members or guests under 21 years of age or to visibly intoxicated persons. Therefore, members shall be expected to practice and maintain sobriety at all times.
  13. Reservations are required in advance for dinner at all times for the Dining Room.
  14. Due to the popularity of dining at the Club on Friday evenings we do require reservations be made in advance for the Grille Room and outdoor Patio.
  15. “72 Hour Cancellation Policy” – Due to limited seating availability, some Social Events may be subject to a 72-Hour Cancellation Policy. If the Reservation is not cancelled prior to 72 hours of the scheduled event, the Member’s Account will be billed.
  16. The Clubhouse is designated as a Non-Smoking facility. Smoking is permitted only on the Golf Course and the outdoor Patio.
  17. Ungentlemanly or unladylike conduct in the Grille Room or Dining Room will no be tolerated. Therefore, the use of profanity or vulgarity is inappropriate. Likewise, loud, boisterous, or unruly behavior is inappropriate.
  18. Any behavior not in accepted good taste shall be regarded as a rule infraction.
  19. Members are not permitted to purchase beverages for employees at the Club.
  20. Members are not permitted in the kitchen.
  21. No person, except an authorized Club official shall direct or reprimand any employee at the Club. Members shall report to the Chairman of the House Committee any inefficiency, lack of attention, or discourtesy of employees.
  22. The Club is not responsible for loss or damage (by fire, theft, or otherwise) to any golf clubs, bags, money, or other personal property of any kind belonging to members or guests. It is requested that members insure such property.
  23. Parents are responsible for adherence by their children to these rules.
  24. Smoking is permitted in all outdoor areas on the Club property.
  25. Any suggestions, criticism, or complaint relative to these Rules and Regulations may be made in writing, signed, and delivered to the Chairman of the House Committee.
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