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    Cart Rules



  1. OWNERSHIP: All powered golf carts used at Nemacolin Country Club shall be leased by the Club and rented to golfers on a per round basis. No privately owned powered golf carts will be used on club property at any time. The Golf Professional and outside supervisor will be responsible for the proper assignment of carts at the rates set by the Cart and Golf Comimitte
  2. WHEN CARTS WILL BE OPERATED: Carts will not be operated when doing so would prove injurious to the golf course or the member. Use of carts will be at the discretion of the Green Superintendent and the Golf Professional
  3. INSURANCE: All members who use carts should protect themselves by making certain they are adequately insured to cover any property damage you may cause during the operation of a golf cart on the golf course or in the parking lot. This can include damage to the golf cart itself, the GPS unit as well as damage to property of others. ANY PROPERTY DAMAGE CAUSED DURING THE OPERATION OF A GOLF CART IS THE PERSONAL REPSONSIBILITY OF THE OPERATOR. NEMACOLIN COUNTRY CLUB DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE WHICH COVERS ANY LIABILITY WHICH A MEMBER MIGHT INCUR THROUGH USE OF A GOLF CART.
    1. Each golfer must personally acknowledge their responsibility for the cart until it is returned to the caddie master. Charge for the golf cart will be made upon arrival
    2. No more than two occupants are permitted on each golf cart at any time. Violation of this rule may result in suspension of cart privileges
    3. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 IS PERMITTED TO OPERATE A CART AT ANY TIME. All Junior members must have a current valid automobile driver license to be eligible for operation of a cart.
    4. Caddies over the age of 16 with a valid driver’s license may operate a cart but must follow the rules established by the Golf Professional and Caddie Master and instructions of signs placed around the golf course.
    5. In addition to the posted signs, carts should not be operated in ground under repair or excessively we areas. Please use good judgment in operating your
    6. Please set the emergency brake to park when parking your cart and leaving it unattended.
    7. When parking a cart on a slope, do not face the cart downhill or uphill, but park the cart opposite the slope of the hill.
    8. Turf disturbed by the use of a golf cart should be replaced much in the same fashion as ball marks and divot marks are repaired on the golf.
    9. Carts should operate on random paths. Repeated single track operation damages the course where there is no paved path. Do not follow the cart ahead of you on the same track.
  5. MISUSE OF CARTS: Riding in the back of a golf cart by a member, guest or caddie is strictly prohibited, regardless of the circumstances. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages while operating carts is prohibited. Violation will result in loss of cart privileges. Reckless use of carts such as speeding down hills or any violation of cart rules will result in suspension of privileges.
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